Desert Flowers // Kõrbelilled

billboard poster

2 × 3 m




Installation shots from the exhibition ‘The Unhomely’, curated by Liudmila Kirsanova, Fluc Billboards, Vienna, Austria



"In the work Jaik takes a perspective of plants and speaks with a voice of weeds. Weeds are ambivalent vegetation — when found unwanted on agricultural areas or in urban spaces, they are considered parasites and treated aggressively, when grown outside cultivated territories, they are naturally as a wanted part of the flora. Meaningless botanic-wise, the concept of weed demonstrates the framework of anthropocentric point of view where categories of wanted and unwanted are produced by humans. However, on a larger scale, wanted and unwanted mediates the elites’ values and are represented by power structures, defining who and what is weeds. In Pille-Riin’s poem there is a line: "im somewhere in between" that points to the precarity of somebody or something in a weed position — unwanted, unhomed, labelled invasive. Weeds are pushed back to "a place not needed", "behind a train station", because they disturb the picture of a well organized landscape and ‘waste’ the soil."


text by Liudmila Kirsanova