Haiku & Light // proposed project from Johan & Beatrice Simonsen

dia positives

series of 32 (8 × 4) images




One of the haikus




'Haiku and light' is an experimental project initiated and curated by Johan and Beatrice Simonsen. It deals with translating a classic haiku form, content and rhythm into photography to be presented on a slide-projection-carousel.


The poem‘s structure is imitated by the specific sound and amount of slides put place inside of it (1-2-1). Topic and theme wise had each participating artists their own choice. I decided to focus on the haiku‘s idea of catching a fleeting moment. Especially due the fact that the production of the exhibition accidentally collided with the Covid-19 crises, I dwelled foremost on moments of despair, entrapment and the appreciation of nature.



Installation shots from the exhibiton in PFERD