Pille-Riin Jaik

Tangled / Põimunud

HD-video / DCP, stereo audio, 06:19. 2015/2017


Distributed by: sixpackfilm


Stills from the video


Short excerpt from the video



Installment view from an exhibition 'Let me tell you about myself' in Gallery Noorus


'Relationships with loved ones are always complicated tangled threads. Fragile and solid, addictive and lonely, forming beautiful patterns and painful collisions. The film is an attempt to transmit that vortex into an apprehensible form.'

– for 21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival



Main award in shortfilm competition 'Relationships/Love/Sexuality', collaboration between FrauenFilmTage, proFRAU and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2017



Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, 2018

Claudia Slanar for Sixpackfilm webpage, 2017

21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2017