Bureaucracy, German & Opening Flowers / B├╝rokraatia, saksa & avamise lilled

Self-made paper flowers from collected official documents, German language exercises and art exhibition openings while living in Vienna. Presented on top of same time worn out clothing. 2015-2018

Photos taken in a studio and from an exhibition 'I'm a Good girl, I am'

  1. Bureaucracy Flowers


Flower selling was historically one alternative profession held by working class, widowed or orphaned females to avoid the morally corrupt system of prostitution. In times of financial crises and political instabilities it occurred that these professions existed simultaneously, although this was mostly a common misinterpretation. Still flower sellers were often blamed to 'sell their own flowers' in the disguise of an innocent profession.

  1. German Flowers

In popular culture these topics were depicted in George Bernard Shaw's play 'Pygmalion' or the more known adaption 'My Fair Lady'. The flower seller Eliza Doolittle, protagonist of the play, is known for her famous line: 'I am a good girl, I am'. The general plot revolves around a working class girl being trained by the arrogant phonetics professor Higgins to become 'a fair lady' through manners, etiquette and mostly language. She gets metaphorically sold to the elite, who find her character and shaping it amusing.

  1. Opening Flowers