Screenshot from my diploma work 'Xeroines', video installation, 2020




The short film ‘Xeroines’ (18 min, stereo / 5.1 sound) aims to do its best to walk on uncertain grounds between despair and hope / present dystopia and disregarded utopian possibilities / sadness and its dismantling. It wishes to offer a stage for fruitful thoughts of different kinds of realities / utopian dream worlds. To places where the dark base of the world could be remade into a most beautiful militant / resisting flower. It wants to stir up the mind’s landscape as a growth place that could become a planet Earth instead of a violent Mars. The leading lights in this quarrel are the thoughts of Constance DeJong, Audre Lorde, Simone Weil, Valerie Solanas and post-industrial former military landscape in Paldiski, Estonia.


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December 2020, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna diploma show, Ungargasse 38, Vienna, Austria

January 2021, together with Miriam Esther Meyer, 'Parasitic Symbiosis', Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

April/May 2021, Amateurinnen, Art and Media, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in collab. w Filmmuseum, Vienna, Austria