stage, projection screen, glittery shoes and outfit, vocals and backing track
10 min

Documentation © Daniel Hüttler and Wolfgang Thaler

"I can speak in many tongues like a snake. Sometimes I wear too much make up and look and dance like a soviet Estrada star. My voice is bit weird and not much of it is always understood. I’ve always been bit too many and too much to translate. Maybe we can feel it instead? Me screaming my unknown language to you through layers of cultural de-fragmentation. You there watching me for 10 minutes and reading what's there. A possibility of intercultural time-travel from my heart to yours. XOX, your Estrada star. "

Closing performance for an exhibition project 'open floor: practice of a common ground' by Natalia Gurova, Rafael Lippuner, and adO/Aptive (Janina Weißengruber, Daniel Hüttler). 24.October 2023, WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna.

documentation by: Daniel Hüttler
musical assistance / backing track production: Klaus Rabeder
songs used in the performance: Monitor 'Ootan Tuult' aka The Savage 'Only You', Henry Laks ja Seitsmes Meel 'Tule kui leebe tuul'.