Screenshot from 'A Trap and Thousand Tongues', video installation, 2022


The short film is a first chapter on the investigation of landscapes, languages and voice. One can hear loose melodies and see loosely embroided threads, both placed in various waters and shapes of the landscapes in Tirol, Austria and Võru, Estonia. They form different words and sentences in different languages. Sometimes adding, overlapping or interfering with each other. Sometimes staying isolated and lost.

The voice of the narrator attempts to describe and animate the disrupted landscapes to fill the lack and explore the not-knowing. There is something in between those bites of words and in the holes of the landscapes that seems to stay always out of reach. The voice itself becomes the water, filled with suggestive thoughts, flowing through, searching and revealing new paths in an attempt to find an exact articulation of these landscapes.

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24.03.2023 – 30.04.2023 Unbound / Ungebunden, solo exhibition, Prevenhuberhaus, Weyer, Austria
2023 Haus Grünspan, Mühlboden/Feffernitz, Austria