Ach, .... (25.12.19 - 31.01.21) / Ahh, .... (25.12.19 - 31.01.21)

text (written by Maria Asamer), glass, textile, soil
75 cm × 45 cm × 2 cm

photos from the exhibition ‘Parasitic Symbiosis’ in Hobuspea Gallery, Tallinn

The textile was dug under the hill of Estonian government office into the ground (25.12.19) and left there to rot until the right wing government fell down (31.01.21). During that year the nature’s decaying effect decided itself how the final outcome of the work would look like. The work is an investigation into places and situations that are unnoticed by stagnatipolitics, where one could dig an object into the ground without that action being ever noticed or considered relevant. If the relevance would have occured, the piece would have been destroyed by it’s possible removal. The integrated text on the glass is written by Maria Asamer in a form of an open letter. The artist edited out of the text local politicians names, specific locations, what transformed the letter into universal criticue of any right wing governance in Europe. At the moment the textile piece is waiting for its reburial into a different ground.

Documentation of the digging action