Communal Weeds

intervention on billboards of Flucc
photography, paper weeds


Weeds like to thrive on disturbed lands. Their favourite locations being next to train stations and roadsides. They adapt with ease to rather cruel conditions and enrich the damaged soils during transitory phases. Where there is a need, there’s weed. Deemed quite often unuseful and of disturbance by the pragmatists, weeds have developed various forms of counteractions and elaborate skills of perseverance. Like a many-headed monster, if it’s plucked out, a new, more-headed version will appear.


Plants as a site of knowledge
Film screening (in person and online), billboards and workshop

Billboards presentation: 24.05.2023
 / 19:30 Uhr
Film screening: 24.05.2023
 / 20:00 Uhr
Botanical walk: 25.05.2023 / 17:30 Uhr
Online film screening: 25.05.-01.06.2023 / 20:00-21:35 Uhr

Flucc Wien, Praterstern 5, 1020 Vienna

Online film screening:

Films by: Patricia Esquivias, Hanna Rullmann & Faiza Ahmad Khan, Shireen Seno, Tin Wilke & Miguel Goya
Billboards by: Pille-Riin Jaik
Botanical walk by: Birgit Lahner
Curated by: Enar de Dios Rodríguez and Marlies Pöschl, The Golden Pixel Cooperative

The film programme plants as a site of knowledge collects stories about the relationship between plants and memory, accounts that inform about the socio-political and economic entanglements present in ecosystems’ histories. What kind of memory do plants carry with them? To what extent are they part of cultural memory? Can time be turned back in ecosystems and if so, what are the (political) implications? The films that will be presented during this screening reflect on how plants have been separated from their environment in the service of colonial representation or economic interests in order to circulate or be grown in another place.

Besides the screening, which will happen at flucc and will be available online via the GPC Online Screen for a week, there will be also a “botanical walk” around the flucc area lead by Birgit Lahner, and artworks by GPC member Pille-Riin Jaik will be presented on the flucc billboards.

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