Confession Pool

Interactive installation together with Liisa Jugapuu and Helena Keskküla in EKA Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
19.08.2015 – 05.10.2015

Views from the exhibition

Video 'Coming to terms with' from the exhibition

Video I (06:50 with audio), video II (in loop), stereo audio (13:10), plastic curtain (10 ᵡ 2.50 m), tilted glass pedestal on carpet, postcards on table (3 versions, 300 pcs), wadding pillow, color light bulb and a gallery guard


Put your head on my shoulder
Things can't get any worse
Night is getting colder
Sometimes life feels like it's a curse
I can't carry these sins on my back
Don't wanna carry any more
I'm gonna carry this train off the track
I'm gonna swim to the ocean floor
(Mdn 7, 2.1-2)


Koosel, Stacey. Swim to the Ocean Floor. – 08.09.2015

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