HD-video, stereo sound
2 minutes

This work is a visual poem. The text is half-sung which instantly creates an emotional atmosphere with a hint of self-irony. The images connect to the feeling of entrapment, the state of things falling apart. The person talking seems to be someone who has fallen out of routine, out of normality. When talking about normality, we must pose the question, who defines what normality is? Can anyone be considered as normal, or ‘normality’ simply an image that we project of ourselves to the outside world? The imagery of the film deals with seemingly normal, everyday images, slightly distorted – blinking lights, falling ice, something is not right. It strongly connects the viewer to the feeling of being trapped while bringing in a playful and sensitive tone.

Material from: Margret Veit, Adele Kraft, Renate Schweiger and Annemarie Vavricek

In collaboration with Filmmuseum Austria and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Art and Media class