I Didn't Die I Just...

Performance, 10 min
texts by Pille-Riin Jaik, Liina Pääsuke
music by Gregor Anreiter

A performance using aesthetics and tricks from dark magic, mystical vortex and life couching to reflect on how to walk on the edge between hope and despair with current time regressive politics.

Documentation from Äquidistanz Festival at Republik Kugelmugel, Vienna (all by Markus Gradwohl, except last photo that is by Viktoria Wöss)


There seems to be a number of things that don’t seem to be connected with each other.

I must look further, deeper.
Endure it all

The clouds are gathering, coming from the West. The period of rain is starting.

You are young, but your future is old
Behold and hold...  it might get cold