Moving Body in Aggressive Motion

together with Miriam Esther Meyer
HD video
stereo audio

Stills from the video


In the video it is explored what happens when the choreography known from certain types of popular male musicians is adopted by a female. Generally interested in gender politics, two artists investigate how popular male musicians are communicating their agenda by physically asserting their presence in a particular way. The body language, which is aggressive, at times even violent, is complemented by lyrics borrowed from the same genre. By eliminating the musical elements, the result is a silent video, resembling some of the music videos that the choreography is borrowed from, emphasizing the explicitly violent gestures and general attitude imitating that of the male artists performing in them. Jaik and Meyer are interested in investigating the nature of said genre and physical communication as well as what happens when a female, completely unlike the original instigators, perform it in a similar context and with a similar aesthetic.

More about performance artist and writer Miriam Esther Meyer here


2018 'Moving body in aggressive motion' with Miriam Esther Meyer, short film competition 'Geschlechterkonstruktionen in kurzen Formaten', collaboration between FrauenFilmTage, proFRAU and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Stadtkino im K├╝nstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria