Running Waters

together with Nazira Karimi
textile, cassette and video tape, threads, nylon, yarn, stereo audio
15 min, 8 × 1,5 m

Documentation from the exhibition 'People are Fragile Beings but Soft Targets' at Pragovka Gallery, curated by Lucie Nováčková, Tereza Nováková, Petra Janda and Martina Fridrichová.

Running waters is a mixed media installation made together in residency with Nazira Karimi at Pragovka Gallery. Both artists have been dealing separately in their artistic practices with the structural violence of silencing voices. Though coming from different places and cultures, they found in common that both of their families share similar long experiences of imperialistic hegemonies and local culture/language erasures that may be sometimes hard to articulate and communicate to the ones whose history has been different. The piece aims to create a grasping metaphor to these inaudible feelings that are speechless in their presence, but nonetheless, still here.