Torpor / Tardumus

A performative character

  1. As an installation. HD video, stereo audio, books, items variable, 04:51. 2016
  1. As a performance. separate screen in front for subtitles, microphone, stage, colorful lights. 2017


The piece deals through an artist’s alter ego with a fictional, broken, but still lingering lovestory between the former east and west. The character tries to ‘speak’ through her stereotyped role, but faces clichés of an overdressed, unserious, dramatical, ‘cheap’, eroticized, mailorder bride’ish, neurotic, exoticized roles and ends up being in her own personal identity muted and untranslatable. ‘Is it possible to get further then a kiss without a tongue?’ becomes a question in both personal and society level with no answer yet to be known.


2017 Shortlisted for international video competition 'Red Love', Sofia Queer Forum, Sofia, Bulgaria
2017 Shortlisted for shortfilm competition 'Relationships/Love/Sexuality', collaboration between FrauenFilmTage, proFRAU and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria