Unbound Nature

Photography installation
4 pieces, dimensions variable
digital print, steel, threads, textile hardener, epoxy resign, pigment

Documentation from 'Reshaped memories (werktitel : unbekannt)', curated by Siena Brunnthaler and Ada Karlbauer, Aussenstelle Kunst, Vienna

Tamed looks. Nature is green, just as you imagine it. The edges of the gaze have been shaped by teeth. It could be anywhere, where meadows lie, mountains stand. In unbound nature, Pille-Riin Jaik thematises the human obsession between capturing and hiding, as well as the gaze regime in visual media. The aesthetics of standardized nature photographs are taken up and broken up. Instead of living creatures, works of art take their place in the landscape. A trap nestles over the branches. Abstract forms appear beneath the moving surface. Symbioses between nature and construction. The relationships are tilting. While the species disappear, the motifs and angles remain the same. The frame centers the gaze, the rest remains forgotten. A frame as a trap, its teeth sharpened.

Text by Ada Karlbauer